Termites are one of the most feared pests in buildings. Through cracks in foundations, wall floor interfaces, electrical conducts, water pipes and telephone lines, they penetrate into premises and feed on wooden structures destroying buildings that can cost a lot. By feeding on only the internal materials, their infestation usually go unnoticed until these materials start breaking.

The termite colony formed by 3 castes consist of workers, soldiers and reproductive. Their colony keeps expanding until they are totally being wiped out. In order to get rid termites, the whole colony has to be destroyed. A few methods are used to treat them.

Baiting System takes advantages on natural termite behaviours. Worker termites constantly forage far and wide, looking for wood to feed the colony. When they find food in a baiting station, they leave special traits that summons their nest mates to the food source. Our technicians are then able to discover termites feeding in the station, the food (monitoring device) is replaced with a bat tube device, a bait containing termite poison. In doing so, our team will initiate the exclusive attractant procedure that takes advantage of the natural behavior of termites to spread the bait through the colony. The bait contains a substance that stops molting process, so termites can’t grow. In time, all the termites in the colony will be affected by the bait and die.

The Drilling & Pumping of Chemical technique is for buildings that have already been or are partially constructed where concrete slab have been laid. It is a process where a liquid chemical is pumped into the soil beneath the property to create a barrier which would prevent subterranean termites from penetrating the building.