Entopest has been providing fumigation services in Malaysia since 2000. We are Qualified Licensed Fumigator, a legal recognition awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture which awards this License upon the completion of an intensive course on all Safety aspects of fumigation required by the Ministry of Health and successfully passing the exam set by the said Ministry.

Container Fumigation

Container fumigation is the treatment of a commodity or container itself to eliminate the risk of pests or disease from entering or leaving the country or state by exterminating them all with a type of poisonous gas.

The container is covered with a gas proof fumigation tarp and sand bags snaked around all of the edges to achieve and maintain a gas seal.

Stack/Commodity Fumigation

Similar to container fumigation, stack fumigation involves the tarp wrapping of goods or commodities under a gas-proof tarp. The edges of the tarp are sealed to the ground with different methods to ensure the gas level is maintained under the tarp.

Stacks can range in size from less than one cubic meter to over a thousand cubic meters. Theoretically, every fumigation conducted under a gas proof tarp is a stack fumigation. With over 15 years of Fumigation experience, we have the professional knowledge and access to the latest technologies to offer you an efficient service, which can guarantee complete control over your pest or insect infestation.

Non Quarantine Fumigation

The space for fumigation relates to warehouses, shop lots or even ships and vessels. Instead of tarp wrapping of goods or commodities, non quarantine (space) fumigation is done first by ensuring that every possible gap holes of a space are being sealed or filled. The process includes the filling of gaps, releasing of gas in the space and out of the space after a certain period of time.