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We practiced ‘Pest Management System’ (PMS) to solve your pest problems with special emphasize on prevention method (mechanical control), good sanitation and housekeeping, biological control and chemical control. When chemical is used, Entopest ensures that the chemicals used are approved by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia. Our technicians are well trained and specialize in eliminating pest infestation, when you engage our services; you can expect value- for- money through our friendly technicians, effective treatment and punctuality. If you are not satisfied with any part of our service, we promise to make it right without any additional cost.
Firstly you must ensure the Pest Control Company that you engage has a Pest Control Operator’s Licence issued by the Ministry Of Agriculture Malaysia. The technician that carries out the work holds an Applicator Licence by the Ministry mentioned above. The years of practical experience in carry out the related work and the chemicals used must be approved by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia. It will also add credit to the Pest Control Companies if they are members of the Pest Control Association of Malaysia (PCAM).
The pesticides used must be registered with the Pesticide Board Of Malaysia, all registered pesticides market in Malaysia took years and series of stringent tests by the Pesticide Board before there are approved and an approval number is given to each product. If used accordingly by well trained operators and strictly followed the recommended dosage indicated on the label, it is relatively safe.
Good housekeeping and physical exclusion are paramount in keeping the "uninvited guests" out from your premises.
You will feel the hollow sound on wooden structure when tapped, mud tubes on exterior walls or wooden beams are sign of termite presence. The best is to engage a professional pest control company to do a full inspection; this is because certain infestations can go uncovered until serious damage on the building is done.
Termites will continue to feed on the wooden structures in the house 24 hours a day. The cost of replacement on your property will be far greater than having the problems treated by a professional pest control company. The building structures and foundations damaged by termites may lead to collapse of the building which will endanger people staying in it.
Usually presence of food like wooden /plant related material, water and ideal temperature (tropical and sub tropical weather conditions).
Usually cellulose found in wood, paper or plant material.