We are Qualified Licensed Fumigator, a legal recognition awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture which awards this license upon the completion of an intensive course on all safety aspects of fumigation required by the Ministry of Health.

We capitalise on our Corporate in depth technical knowledge in our field of specialization and earnest investment in the research, innovations and development to keep our business ahead of its time. With better understanding and effective new technology towards pest management system in Malaysia we aim to outsmart the pest evolution and circle.

Our Story

The Company was founded and set up by a team of professionals who possess years of practical experience serving in the Pest Control and Washroom businesses prior to the formation of Entopest Environmental Services Sdn Bhd. They received their respective training in Europe and Australasia.

We believe the innovative approach will help to pave way on implementation of this new sustainable method where Malaysia can use to outsmart the pest evolution and circle.
We believe in working closely with the local government and local operators in achieving best practices for the people of Malaysia. We strive to excel the pest control and washroom industry to a greater height.

Our approach is to ensure that constant innovation is being prioritized to combat with the struggles over the pest domination in Malaysia with effective products, services, research and development, transparent analytical studies and monitoring being implanted.

What We Do

Providing the most effective services and solutions for our clients

With our well trained technicians, we manage your pest issues with the most effective way with various methods through exclusion, repulsion, physical removal, chemical & even biological science.
We provide a wide range of washroom and hygiene products, services and solutions with innovative ways and technologies to accommodate to your businesses, facilities and personal needs.
We are capable and specialize in fumigation of all kinds. Based on your business nature and size, we are able to customize the correct application and the optimum fumigant to meet your requirements.
We work closely with the Ministry of Health and local authorities in managing pest issue, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. We have sanitized hundreds of facilities and buildings against coronaviruses for public health.

Accredited And Certified Pest Control Operators

Pest Library